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Thursday, November 12th, 2015
11:59 pm
So Who Watches The Blacklist?
I might have binge-watched the series, indoctrinating Megan into it, and--cough--gotten slightly over the top ga ga about it. I'm sure it'll pass... you know, after the mid-season closer next Thursday when I'm in withdrawal, sniffling and clawing the skin off my flesh... if I'm indeed alone in my momentary hyped-up obsession.

Anybody? Does anyone enjoy the complexity of characters? James Spader? Good acting? Two actors of semitic descent; three actors of African descent (one actually African, and Red's confident/bodyguard/seriously hot-looking loyal near-silent ex-prostitute Red saved from the child sex trade--not that they incorporate tropes one could even vaguely call fannish). The fact that the girliest character on the show is the palest of the white men? Kick-ass women characters everywhere. Twisted meta-plot. Fannish tropes. 

Red, Liz and Tom Keene. Donald Ressler. Novabi, Aram, women who kick ass and men who can't regularly fail the Bechdel test? Flaws too, and I don't care at all? Passion, devotion, betrayal, forgiveness; re-devotion, more passion, reduced risk of betrayal and increased risk of forgiveness--over and over again, reshaping every character. We are LOVING it. 

Anybody else? 


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Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, March 9th, 2015
7:18 pm
ESCAPADE 25 was awesome!
I want to write a "What I Did Last Summer" report, only it's better because it wasn't summer; it was Escapade 25. I had an incredibly good time, which began with getting Killa all to ourselves (and her mad skilz) for a couple of days pre-con. The weekend was a dream: manageable logistics were, friends I hadn't seen in years, the con team which provided fantastic entertainment and commitment, panels that were thought-provoking or funny or re-awakened my inner Pollyanna... and I made a point of gathering together with friends as often as possible.

Then Dorinda read an Almost Human story of mine and highlighted the stuff she liked... and *told me about all of it.* (My embarrassment did not in any way overcome my squee.)

THEN Starandrea gifted a story to me and Escapade that I saw on convention-Monday morning, typically a slightly sad day. (That story definitely made convention-Monday sweeeeeeet!)

Amid seeing all of the people who are the reason we do this (in no particular order and *in no way* a complete list: Jo, Gwyn, Kris, Rachael, Killa, Constance, Franzeska, Misti, Katharine, Smutcutter, Hippydiva, Dorinda, Aral, Nakedbee, Melina, Ken, Dail, Jane M, Snow, Maygra, Kerithwyn, Nate, De, Katharine, Tina, Hatifal, Stranger) and the people I really didn't see nearly enough of (like Nick, Cynthia, Shoshanna, Kandy, Jim, and scores more), I saw myriad new or almost-new faces that made me incredibly happy. And listened to brilliant people. 

THEN, I got home and received another story gift from another friend, this one in private email. And we brought Katharine home with us. I'm showing her Common Law today, with Warren Cole and Michael Ealy, so the fannish joy remains a warm glow. 

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Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, February 24th, 2015
9:39 am
ESCAPADE 25, March 6-8, 2015
Escapade is in 9 days, 20 hours, and 20 minutes. I am--I'd say "unreasonably," but it's completely reasonable--excited about this, our 25th anniversary convention.


For regular attendees, much is familiar: same hotel, many familiar friends, hot topics with scintillating discussion, and a certain amount of kvetching because there isn't room on the schedule (or in a day or a weekend) for every panel topic we wanted to discuss.

Some things will be different. We have more new people this year, and some old friends are joining us again. With 25 years behind us, we're celebrating how we got here. With 25 years before us (yes, we're up for 25 more), we're looking at ourselves and the world around us through different lenses, and we expect spirited and enthusiastic debate.

We have a few spaces left. If you're on the fence, now is the time to take action. Wednesday, February 25 is the last day to get hotel rooms at the con rate. We look forward to seeing you.

Please link/forward/share this post. Thank you.

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Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
8:17 pm
Vid link requests
I will be recovering from a "procedure" (if you've ever watched "City Slickers", I hope that word still makes you chuckle) over the next few weeks. I'd appreciate recs to great, interesting songvids. I suppose first choice would be vids in fandoms I have loved:

Any site that has the actual Glee performances, from the show, easily searchable/watchable. (I've found a lot of chaff on youtube searching for the wheat.)

Mag7 (group or C/B)

Burn Notice (Mike/Sam/Fiona just *worked* for me)

Almost Human (out like a shooting star, possibly for the best, for all they got wrong amidst the perfection of casting Michael Ealy and Karl Urban together)

Lost Girl


SW:TPM (oddly, I know)

Being Human (Brit or American, though I'm now following the American more closely)

Wiseguy (Frank/Vinnie; I'm sure there are MILLIONS out there ::cough::)

Hmmm... Spock/McCoy? (I'm always an outlier)

Or anything that looks like fun hotness.

Thanks in advance.


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Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
4:32 pm
So here's my problem: I see something like this:


and I think, "I want to link this to my facebook page. MY facebook page. Screw this "Charlotte alter ego and real person," I want all of these pieces to just come together.

it's not like my grandkids friend me on facebook (though my kids do).

It's not like I won't soon be promoting original fiction under my real name (which, now that I've typed that, tiny bit of tension there).

But that's just adorable. Everyone should watch it, or at least have a chance to!

So. How do people separate their fannish vs. their primal vs. their professional vs. their "public" face? Or do we, anymore?

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Thursday, December 12th, 2013
9:44 am
Slash-fic writers, you may start your engines
It's kind of fun when entertainment news media does it for us.

This review of the recent episode of Almost Human summarized a "Ken doll" gag that was frankly kind of stupid, but *almost* worth it.

The article says--and I'm quoting--"As it turns out, Dorian's designer was more 'considerate,' and he's more than happy to prove it to John. Slash-fic writers, you may start your engines!"

I'm so entertained.

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Current Mood: happy
Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
1:44 am
Not fallen off the face of the earth.

Life only. Travel. Family members' weddings. And birthdays. And missed flights. And exhaustion. And visiting friends in realtime/life. And a truly alien-feeling absence of wireless access in unexpected places.

So. Alive. Sorry for being out of touch. Inboxes are truly frightening. I hope to catch up soon.

(V, C, I know that you two especially have sent me emails with THRILLING info in the subject lines. With luck on Friday I will have an hour, will pay bills, talk to my husband, and get to actually see, enjoy, and reply.)


(ecstatic to be back in my state, but bemused at how far I still am from my city)

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Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, September 1st, 2013
12:05 am
Subliminal Political Messages?
So I'm watching a re-run of "Bones" entitled "The Tiger in the Tale", which aired October 4, 2012. Twelve minutes in, a map is shown on the screen that looks like Google maps with no satellite overlay. The scene changes, but I frown. What just happened?

I scanned back and, in the middle of the map, utterly level left-to-right (like text on a page), and *unrelated to any street on the map* (all of which are named) is the word "Romney".

It's bolder than any other word on the map. It is not parallel to any of the streets shown on the map (all of which are already named and none of which run directly east-west).

I honestly can't imagine that this is a coincidence, but I also can't imagine who would have made that special effort to drop the name, 3 weeks before election day, into an episode of "Bones".

Is this a common occurrence that I'm only just noticing? Is Disney really writing "sex" with stars in the sky? Or much more importantly, are everyday employees sneaking their political agendas subliminally into my entertainment TV?

Thoughts? Comments?

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Current Mood: suspicious
Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
5:11 am
A trip down prison memory lane
Somebody has created the Oz Beecher/Keller Love Story excerpt, in 20 parts, on youtube.

The most important thing it loses is detail on other great characters. We meet most of them (especially if, for example, Keller killed them because they had sex with Beecher), but we see very little of Poet, or Augustus Hill who was one of my favorite characters for example.

I suppose, if you hadn't watched the show at all, these failings would be annoying. Certainly, if you never heard of the show, you'd be shocked by the amount of violence.

But what I got from it? A *wallow* in slashville. Seriously. Canonical slash. The old-fashioned, "Really, we're *not* gay; we just love each other" story. And oh yeah, we're both slightly off balance (or sociopathic), and *ridiculously* hot and ripped, and naked a lot, and we hurt each other, and when we get pissed at each other we fuck other guys solely because the boyfriend doesn't like it, and we say (out loud, repeatedly, to more than just the beloved) "I love you," "I love him," "I'm in love with him," etc. And then we kiss open-mouthed, and put our hands on each other's dicks, and we *embrace*, and we wrestle shirtless and sweaty and we do full frontal ridiculously often.

Just. Damn. Watching these people act, it's raw and bold to this day, to me. Watching that kind of writing come to life? Phenomenal.

It's a great Oz arc in spite of what they had to cut to keep to this one relationship front and central. It's like a Beecher/Keller pimping set, but I do wonder how it might stand up for people who haven't ever seen the show.

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Current Mood: tired
Monday, August 12th, 2013
11:17 pm
Escapade and Hotel hunts
I've had the most interesting day! Our first venue pulled out all the stops--and it could potentially work pretty well, even if it is on the LAX airport hotel strip. Good function space, people who clearly want our business, and would work to help make the convention a success. It's possible even the "consuite" issue could be handled adjacent to function space!

The second (LAX) hotel, I had flashbacks. (Never having used psychedelics, I can't say for sure, but...) I walked in to the lobby. I looked left across this grand, open space. I saw the escalators, and the bar adjacent. And suddently little ghosts of Star Wars cosplay people were filling those escalators, and I was sitting in *that very chair* with Melis sipping back my fifth neat whiskey. She, meanwhile, was getting giggly on two Kahlua and creams. *g* Back then she was the lightweight and I was the heavyweight, but oh, how times change. M smoked her Cloves and I smoked my--whatever I smoked back then. We laughed. She made snorty sounds. There were at least six people in our hotel room--in the bed, on the floor, some of them out all night....

All that lovely flashback came in the space of a few seconds, and I felt such pleasure at the memory, I wanted to create more, better con memories again.

I think we might be headed toward a revival of our events management company. I think that would be seriously cool.

It doesn't hurt that the hotels treat us well when we're on site visits: we're put up in a nice room, they've generally fed us, and it's good to get away from the workaday rat race.

Better yet, at the end of this process we'll have a con hotel and we'll have a better idea about whether we want to start running fan conventions again. Neato.

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Current Mood: optimistic
Friday, August 9th, 2013
1:48 pm
Quakers, Hummingbird Fly Zones, and Queers
One of these things is not like the other. But it isn't Quakers.

We Think He Might Be a Boy is a sensitive and loving article from the mother of a transgender child. By the time the child was 2, she knew that her biological daughter thought of himself as a boy.

The story itself is not only a beautiful example of the most supportive and accepting of loving parents; it's a story of religious principles.

For the first five years of my life, I was raised Quaker. Then the family moved back to Southern Baptist land and I became a proud rejector of organized religion. Thirty years after leaving the SouthBab influence, I've been reconnecting to my Quaker roots. Quakers believe the light of spirit is in every individual. They believe that the only important conversation with god is the one the individual has directly with "the spark of spirit" inside them. They believe in civil disobedience and in equality of the sexes--and they always have. They marched with abolitionists and suffragettes, and they march today against violence in their communities.

Today, Quakers are still contemplating issues like abortion, because on the one hand it's a violent act but on the other, no individual has the right to impose his/her beliefs on the woman carrying the fetus, and her decisions about her body ultimately rest between her and her god.

But Quakers aren't arguing about gender identity. This article so moved me, I wanted to share it with anybody who ever questioned, or felt threatened by, the experience of gender identity or sexual orientation.

The hummingbird fly zone? That's apparently a real thing, as reported by Sandy some years back. Sadly, the link to the pic (that shows a woman with hummingbirds seeming to swarm around her in her back yard) is broken.

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Current Mood: contemplative
1:19 pm
When I'm pissy and don't know why.
When I'm pissy and I don't know why, I eventually figure it out. Usually it's about financial uncertainty or missing people, and today it's about missing people.

I miss Sandy. Today is her birthday, and I keep trying not to think about it, which is the opposite of sane and rational because when I'm ignoring it, my pissiness pops up in strange and unhelpful ways.

I miss Sandy.

On the (huge) upside, I had Sandy.

Quoting from an email:
From: Sandy H...
Date: Tue, 13 Jul...
To: ...
Subject: Just heard the new Psych commerical

"every Wednesday at ten, someone dies in Santa Barbara".

If I were you, I'd be a little careful then.

* * *

::happy sigh::

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Current Mood: sad
Sunday, June 30th, 2013
3:29 pm
It's great when old things stand up to the test of time
Like "Wiseguy", which I watched a couple of years ago with great dread (is it going to be lame? Were my slash-and-love glasses so firmly affixed that I didn't see the lamitude and now I'm going to have to choke it down?): IT WAS GREAT. It remained great. Good writing, mostly good acting, wonderful character relationships all the way around.

Starsky & Hutch? Notsomuch for me (the relationship held--and held and held, beautifully; but the episodes were oftentimes a little painful).

Which brings me to Red Dwarf. How can a show that silly be that entertaining? It's partly nostalgia, I know (Sandy and I actually learned the "Tongue tied" dance together for absofuckinglutely no reason in the world). But it's also just *funny*. An industrial-type "danger" sign that shows a stick-figure person vomiting with their guts spilling out? HILARIOUS.

It makes me want to consider other old shows that might stand up, so I'm open to recommendations.

In other news, I'm open to new shows, and have a list longer than my arm that shows me I need to break down and buy a Netflix account. Maybe today's the day.

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Saturday, June 15th, 2013
8:28 pm
Birthday horiscope (6/15/13)
"By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail," Ben Franklin said. Focused, responsible efforts grow your garden, and creativity adds color. Seize opportunities, innovate and balance time with fun and family. Invest in knowledge.

Sometimes I just want to smack Ben Franklin.

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Saturday, June 1st, 2013
7:42 am
Will Smith and Scientology
I was raised around Southern conservative Christianity, so it startles me sometimes how much more repulsed I am by Scientology. I don't know if it's simply because I've been more exposed to Christian conservatism, or because Scientology seems so insidious and willfully subtle.

Take Will Smith's new movie: http://www.vulture.com/2013/05/after-earth-will-smith-love-letter-to-scientology.html?test=true

The article calls it Will's love letter to scientology. I find myself actively liking actors less as I learn they're Scientologists... which isn't so different from finding myself actively liking other people less if I learn they're super-conservative Christians, but still....

Maybe it's that (I imagine) Christians aren't covertly inserting their religious theology into popular entertainment. But I know they are. Actively. Maybe it's because I think Scientology's tenants are so incredibly laughable. But so are many of Christianity's.

Maybe it's that I'm just a religious bigot and I'm aware that most active religions today are self-serving organisms that don't really have the interests of the planet as a whole, or people as a whole, as any kind of priority in their theology.

And maybe it's just that Scientology repulses me.

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Friday, May 24th, 2013
12:48 pm
Kindle Worlds vs. My World
Amazon is dipping into the fannish pool in hopes of soaking up money:

For me, stuff like this is just weird. I don't watch "The Talking Dead", for example, because I find it creepy to see people getting paid to sit on the "wrong" side of the camera and be fannish. I'm sure it's about perspective, and that as this concept grows my perspective will change. Currently, however, I seem to be approaching it almost entirely selfishly:

1) no "pornography". In the face of Fifty Shades of Grey, I can't help but wonder what they think they mean by "no pornography" (and how that would affect any- and every piece of fanfic I've ever written).

2) 35% of "net revenue". They're e-publishing, and they have infrastructure in place. Their operating expenses should be next to nothing, so--what are they counting against their grosses? Will an author receive gross revenue reports and justification of expenditures that shows why the net amount is what it is?

Finally, 3) "without further compensation". If I'm reading that correctly, an author writes a novel using an original idea, and some original characters, in the Vampire Diaries universe. While Amazon states that the author retains copyright to her original material, Amazon also states that "We will also give the World Licensor a license to use your new elements and incorporate them into other works without further compensation to you." I'm not exactly sure how the author can hold copyright while also being told that the universe creator can use anything s/he wants to use.

Even as I write all this, I'm wondering, "Why aren't we doing this ourselves?" Seriously, why don't we create "Escapade Worlds", then go out and collect licensing agreements with copyright holders, pay them a percentage, pay fan authors a percentage, and basically monetize our fanfic for *ourselves*?

If not "Escapade Worlds", about "Archive of our Own Worlds", so that the ever-increasing overhead of serving up that library can be paid for with proceeds from sales/use?

I know it's uncouth to talk about money and fandom in the same post. Still, it seems like a conversation that we as a community are past ready to have, lest Amazon and others make too many decisions for us. I'd love to see women in fandom ahead of the curve on this.

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Monday, May 6th, 2013
2:52 pm
I just read a hot Haven fic
Characterization: nice. Duke longing: check. Audrey self-actualized and constrained only by her own decisions, not the men's? Oh yeah.

Nathan, able to feel *Duke's* touch if Audrey's touching him as well?

Uh. Definitely. That honestly can make perfect Haveny sense, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. *g* (Also? Delightful little fannish break amidst my trip; we have made it from Amsterdam to London, and brought gorgeous weather with us every step of the way, so far.)

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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
1:56 pm
Awaiting departure
Not that I expect this to be my last post, but we are checked in and awaiting flight boarding. Next stop (via leaving this lounge, boarding, and one plane change), the Netherlands! As soon as I set up a trip blog, I'll post it here or send it around, or something.

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Monday, April 29th, 2013
10:00 am
Tony & Bruce from Iron Man 3
So I just saw the cutest bit of spoiler for Iron Man 3, but it's ONLY a spoiler for the post-credit tag, and I'm told it spoils absolutely nothing else--not about Iron Man 3, not about future movies, not about--well, anything else. Still, I'm placing it under a cut tag:Collapse )

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Monday, April 22nd, 2013
12:56 pm
Instead of the Iron Man bit, I'm posting the Mark Ruffalo bit.
Because (and I swear I know how to use cut tags) Dreamwidth simply will not recognize my use of tags, I'm giving up on sharing something that some folks might not want to be spoiled about, and sharing this instead (via theshoshanna via two people she got it from):


My personal take? Mark Ruffalo gets fandom. The very best thing he said was this: "You know what this (fan art and fic) is? It's open-source creativity."

Bet your ass it is.

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